Parent Portal

The Parent Portal has been designed from multiple perspectives; the nursery and the parent. The parent portal is attractive, easy to use and, more importantly, enhances parent engagement, communication and participation in the nursery community.

The parent portal aims to increase and improve the communication between parent and nursery, but to also ensure this communication is as efficient as possible, as we know this can be very time consuming. 

Some features of the Parent Portal include…

Security – Safe and secure online access for parents no matter where they are. 

Session requests - Allows parents to request extra sessions 48 hours in advance to be approved by the nursery through an alert within the Red Fish nursery management system. This is ideal for parents who may struggle to contact nurseries within regular operating hours, but also considers that nurseries need a certain amount of time to accommodate session requests.

Communication - Gives the nursery an additional communication tool to inform parents of events at the nursery. 

Administration savings – Saves administration time for the nursery by allowing parents to view their complete history of statements and invoices. 

The Parent Portal integrates with the rest of the Red Fish Nursery Management Software Suite. This ‘joined-up’ approach means the system makes your operations as smooth and as quick as they can possibly be.

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