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Innovative software tailored to your needs

Tailored Solutions

At Redfish, we understand how the day to day operation of a business can be significantly enhanced when supported by effective, easy to use, software. As business owners and managers, you face challenges hour by hour and to make swift decisions you want a system that is flexible, reliable, and practical to use. Whether you need an app, a website, a CRM system, or an entirely bespoke process-driven solution, we can help.


We listen. We challenge. We deliver


When you choose Redfish, our first step is to take the time to understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and why. We discuss your goals, look at your processes, and uncover your hopes and aspirations for what the perfect software solution could accomplish.


With a wealth of experience across a number of diverse industries, we can then apply our knowledge and expertise to your operation. Our software is designed to grow with your business through clear communication, informed understanding, and technical expertise.


Getting it right for your business… first time.

Are you ready to take your business up a gear? Read on…

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At a glance

Our Cloud-based bespoke software:

  • Is tailored to meet your specific business needs
  • Turns business performance issues into creative and seamless solutions
  • Drives best practice and profitability
  • Is innovative and intuitive to use


Key Features:

  • We consult, we question and we understand
  • We challenge and think creatively
  • We focus on exceeding expectations
  • We deliver on budget
  • We deliver on time
  • We seek to get it right... first time

Full details below,

Our approach

We listen

We take as much time as is needed to ensure we properly understand your business goals, processes, challenges, and strengths. Your wish list becomes our to-do list.

We challenge

We apply our expertise to your situation and challenge your assumptions and expectations constructively. Our aim is to drive best practice and boost the profitability of your business.

We deliver

Our bespoke development approach delivers innovative and intuitive solutions that operate seamlessly within your operation. And we continue to provide support as your business grows.

We think creatively

The expertise we have gained across multiple industries gives us valuable insight into solving the problems businesses face. Your aspirations fuel our creativity.

The benefits of working with Redfish

We focus on exceeding expectations

The experience we have accumulated over many years of working with businesses enables us to see far beyond your original specification.

We deliver on budget

We understand the importance of specifying a project properly and delivering on budget. We hold ourselves accountable for this as much as you do.

We deliver on time

We are very aware of just how important timing can be for the delivery of a software project. Delivering on schedule is as important to us as it is to you.

We get it right first time

The process we follow to listen, challenge, and deliver ensures that we get your bespoke solution right first time. Keeping disruption to a minimum.

What your business can expect

Improved efficiency

You can look to enjoy a significant improvement in efficiency and effectiveness across your organisation.

Enhanced communications

Your processes and work flows will be properly supported through bespoke software that provides an engaging user experience that’s easy to follow.

Increased profitability

Through gains in efficiency and time-saving your business will soon enjoy increased profitability and a boost to your bottom line.

Competitive advantage

With the support of effective, well-designed software, your business can drive competitive advantage through increased technological capabilities.

Next Steps

We’ll help you every step of the way

Switching from an existing system, whether that’s paper-based or electronic, can be a daunting prospect. However at Redfish, we support each customer every step of the way to ensure their operation enjoys a smooth transition with minimum disruption.

Be assured, you are never alone

We provide initial training and guidance, backed by full help desk support. And this is then followed up with on-going biannual upgrades, further user training, and continuous client account management.

To find out more ...

about how our bespoke software can improve efficiency, save you time, and help you manage your business more effectively… please give us a call on 01536 527150.