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Managing your nursery made simple

Our Nursery Management Software

In a busy nursery, where time is of the essence, budgets are tight, and staff can feel as though they’re being pulled from pillar to post, you need a management system that supports your operation and never hinders.


From real time cash flow updates, to ratio management, rostering, registers and other reports, easy access to instant information makes a difference... And you don’t want to have to jump through hoops to get it.


At Redfish, we understand how your day to day operation can be significantly enhanced when supported by effective, easy to use, software. You face many challenges and to make swift decisions you need a system that is flexible, reliable, and practical to use.


Our Nursery Management Software has been the industry leading solution for many years; but it hasn’t stood still. With constant feedback and input from industry professionals, it has continued to evolve and now, more than ever, consistently offers a truly innovative approach to nursery management.


Are you ready to take your nursery up a gear? Read on…

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At a glance

Our cloud-based nursery management software:

  • Is designed by the sector for the sector
  • Helps you operate efficiently through comprehensive management control
  • Provides instantly available accurate information
  • And is very… very simple to use


Key Features:

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Effective Cash Flow Management
  • Occupancy Monitoring
  • Informative Staff Management
  • Easy Parent Communications
  • Comprehensive Child Details

Full details below,

Easy to Use Interface

Cloud Based

All details and reporting centrally stored and accessible wherever you have access to the internet. Data updated real-time to ensure up-to-the moment information at all times.

Multisite Support

One application for all your sites. An instant overview of key information that highlights important metrics, updates, communications, and reminders. These can be site specific or across all sites.

Calendars & Diaries

Easy access to shared information to enhance coordination and collaboration between staff, departments, and sites. Simple data entry and updating through individual logins.

Multiple Funding Models

Flexible functionality to suit your funding model providing the level of detail you need for your operation. Customised and easy to use.


Intuitive dashboard that has a tailored layout and display according to the user’s role and login. Easy to use for quick access to information.

Role-Based Logins

Layout and available information determined by login permissions. Role-based logins fully configurable on a site by site basis.


Over 60 reports available including financial, staffing, parent contact, and occupancy. Simple to operate, providing up-to-the-minute real time information.

Revenue Forecasts

Compilation of historical data to present useful revenue and cash flow forecasting. Flexible reporting to suit your needs.

Cash Flow Management

Automated Billing

Facility to automate invoices and raise bulk invoices, track and report outstanding payments, and monitor amendments. All easily accessible via a simple click.

Direct Debits

Easy exporting feature of direct debit data to a CSV file that can then be uploaded to your preferred banking software. Simple to add, remove, and amend entries.

Credit Control

Accurate, up-to-the-minute information available at a click to improve management of your cash flow and make it easy to spot problems early.

Voucher Management

The ability to record vouchers and automatically take them into account with the parents bills.

Integration with Accounting Systems

Ability to fully integrate with your accounting system to improve accuracy and save time.

Extra Sessions & Sundry Billing

Built in flexibility to enable you to manage the costs, and receipts for extra sessions on an ad hoc basis. Sundry billing is simple to administer and track.


Functionality to set up discounts and apply them. E.g. Discounts applied for a certain number of bookings, multiple children from one family, etc.

Fee Tables

Easy matrix-style functionality for creating, updating, and applying fee structures. Accessible across multiple sites, or purely site specific.



Flexible functionality for multiple registers, including easy-to-print daily, weekly, garden, and outings lists, enabling you to manage groups efficiently with just a click.


Quick and simple update facility for tracking child visits. Ability to diarise for easy follow-up and feedback.


A convenient enquiry management process that provides for easy follow-up including a fee calculator, waiting list monitoring, and other key information.


Valuable reporting of conversion metrics. Useful statistics designed to enable you to spot trends and forecast place numbers.

Booking Management

Centralised booking facility making it easy to add, remove, and edit entries and apply these amendments to planning reports and lists.

Waiting List Management

Easy access to waiting list reports, including contact details and previous contact updates. Enabling you to fill spaces efficiently in a coordinated manner.

Room Movements

Facility to switch staff from room to room easily, or permanently allocate a member of staff to a room. Keeping you in control hour by hour.

Out of School

Ability to distinguish between nursery and out-of-school children, ensuring staff have easy access to critical information.


Room Ratios

Colour coded qualification lists so you can ensure each room has the correct ratio of qualified to unqualified staff. Highlighting when a room is not correctly staffed.

Absence Register

Updateable absence roster displaying staff holiday and sickness, enabling you to resource gaps easily on a daily basis.


Simple-to-update logging of staff contracted hours for easy management of immediate rostering requirements and forecasting.

Staffing Reports

Flexible functionality to access reports displaying individual staff sessions providing both historical and current data.

Parent-Nursery Communication

Texting and Emailing

Ability to send texts and emails direct to parents. Simple-to-use facility to issue pre-written letters on a logo/headed layout straight from the system.


Functionality to record complaints and track their effect on the business, enabling you to spot trends and take pre-emptive action.

Parent Portal

Engaging interactive parent portal to issue updates, provide useful information, and publish details of future events, etc. Facility to enable parents to contact the nursery and be involved.

Visit Management

Simple-to-use diarising facility for progressing enquiries and arranging visits. Ability to then track child visits and diarise for easy follow-up and feedback.

Child Details

Child details

Comprehensive storage of relevant data for each child, including contact details and attendance. Easily accessible in cases of emergency.

Healthcare & Medication Records

Quick access to important medical information including medication, allergies, and sick record. Easily updatable and simple to use.

Dietary Requirements

Section for highlighting dietary requirements e.g. for religious observance, allergies, and/or medical needs. Facility to print labels for use in the kitchen.

Sibling links & Returning Children

Mapping facility to link siblings, their details, and their parents’ details. Ability to connect returning children to their previous data.

Next Steps

We'll help you every step of the way

Switching from an existing system, whether that’s paper-based or electronic, can be a daunting prospect. However at Redfish, we support each customer every step of the way to ensure their nursery enjoys a smooth transition with minimum disruption.

We can provide...

Initial training and guidance, backed by full help desk support. And this is then followed up with on-going biannual upgrades, further user training, and continuous client account management. Be assured, you are never in this alone.

To find out more ...

about how our nursery management software can improve efficiency, save you time, help you manage your cash flow, and reduce your stress levels… please give us a call on 01536 527150 or email enquiry@redfishuk.com


Redfish is a very easy system to use and is able to pull off several reports to help with growth of the nursery and forward planning. The staff team at Redfish are really helpful and makes working on Redfish efficient, user friendly and knowledgeable. Nicola Todd, Area Manager, Ashbourne Day Nurseries