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Redfish solutions for the Publishing sector

In the fast moving world of article publishing, you need complete visibility of your operations 24/7.


From commissioning and scheduling, to supplier administration and communications, a management system that makes each complex process simple to track and easy to follow is critical to the success of your business.

At Redfish, we understand that switching to new publishing management software shouldn’t require additional investment in IT infrastructure. With our cloud-based system, that kind of additional expenditure is simply unnecessary. Instead, you can enjoy a management system that will improve efficiency without having a further hardware hit on your budget.
Redfish’s Publishing Management Software offers an innovative but straightforward approach to article publishing. Its powerful and effective design improves efficiency, reduces hassle, and ensures you have access to all your data anytime, anywhere.
If you’re looking for a solution that does more than just meet your publishing needs… read on.

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At a glance

Our cloud-based publishing management software:

  • Presents a clear picture of your publishing schedule with just one click

  • Offers complete visibility of your data anytime, anywhere

  • Manages complex publishing processes in an intuitive way

  • Provides meaningful reports and information at your fingertips 

  • Is very simple to use


Key Features

  • Fast and effective article search facility

  • Fully automated publishing schedule

  • Production tracking

  • Supplier management

  • Flexible reporting

Full details on publishing below,

Easy to Use Interface

Cloud Based

All details and reports are centrally stored and accessible wherever you have access to the internet. Data is updated real-time to ensure up-to-the moment information at all times.

Easily shared information

Easy access to shared information enhances coordination and collaboration between staff and departments. With simple data entry and updating through individual logins.


Our intuitive dashboard has a tailored layout and displays according to the user’s role and login. It’s easy to use for quick access to information.


Flexible reporting is available for scheduling, supplier management, detailed snapshots and helpful overviews. It’s simple to operate, and provides up-to-the-minute real time information.

Schedule Management

Real-time schedule management

Fully automated schedule management enables you to keep track of upcoming deadlines and progress on future issues. You have valuable information at your fingertips.

Production tracking

Clear status updates are available from a one-page overview, facilitating tracking of all upcoming deadlines and highlighting issues before they arise.

Conflict and constraint identification

Notification of conflicts and constraints enable you to track issue and their effect on the business. You can then spot trends and take pre-emptive action.

Issue make up

A simple facility to tick chosen articles, adverts, and prelims for issues, then prompts the system to do the rest, aiding easy and smooth progress to publication.

Supplier Management

Multiple supplier control

A facility to see who has delivered what, where and when, enables you to track the status of each article by supplier so you can monitor progress towards publication.

Supplier capacity

The ability to monitor supplier capacity helps to reduce the risk of missed deadlines, and keeps you in control.

Monitor peer review

Peer review status tracking ensures each article is ready for the correct issue, and includes the ability to monitor timing and catch problems early in the publishing process.

Automated emails

A valuable facility to communicate with suppliers easily with regard to things like outstanding work, ensures communication channels stay open and deadlines don’t get missed.

Article Bank

Real-time updates

Easily viewable updates on the status of each individual article are available, providing you with a clear overall picture of your publishing schedule.

Full overview of your article bank

Your archive of articles is instantly viewable at the click of a button. The status of every article clear to see so you can track the progress of every one.

Fast and effective article search facility

A simple to use facility to search for articles by name, subject, author, and keyword. Saving you time and frustration.

Integration with peer review systems

Easily accessible peer review status tracking of an article, ensuring it reaches the right issue. Facility to monitor timing and catch problems early in the publishing process.

Next Steps

We’ll help you every step of the way

Switching from an existing system, whether that’s paper-based or electronic, can be a daunting prospect. However at Redfish, we support each customer every step of the way to ensure their business enjoys a smooth transition with minimum disruption.

We can provide...

Initial training and guidance, backed by full help desk support. And this is then followed up with on-going biannual upgrades, further user training, and continuous client account management. Be assured, you are never in this alone.

To find out more...

about how our publishing management software can improve efficiency, support production, help you manage your cash flow, and make things easier… please give us a call on 01536 527150 or email enquiry@redfishuk.com


This is the most efficient, cost-effective and customisable production tracking system that I have seen on the market. We have further enhanced the system to accommodate new requirements and changing publishing models. The Redfish team is highly committed, flexible and patient. We work very closely with the developers when defining our requirements, and really value their expertise, honesty and hard work.